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Zebra TC72 Mobile Computer

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Zebra TC72 Mobile Computer

Empower your front-line workers who interact with your most valuable asset — your customers, with the ultimate device designed to elevate customer service by delivering peak efficiency and unrivaled reliability — the TC72 Android Touch Computers. Built upon the successful TC7X series, these touch computers are meticulously designed to transform operations within and beyond your business premises. We present a smartphone-like experience backed by robust build quality to withstand rigorous daily usage, and a novel platform delivering unrivaled capabilities in its class. Choose the TC72 to gain a competitive edge in your business operations.

Delivering instant familiarity with Android, training time and adoption curve can be virtually eliminated. By serving highly interactive and visually compelling apps, the workers' expectations are met.

Featuring advanced touchscreen technology, these devices come with a high-definition display, presenting plenty of room for graphics-intensive intuitive applications. The user-friendly multi-touch operation works flawlessly even in wet conditions, with a gloved finger, or a stylus. With its best-in-class outdoor readability, the screen remains easy on the eyes even in bright sunlight.

Efficient data capture of barcodes, labels, and documents is achieved with the advanced scanning technology and PRZM Intelligent Imaging, ensuring lightning-fast capture of printed and electronic 1D and 2 D barcodes, including Digimarc. SimulScan, a complimentary pre-installed Mobility DNA application, allows you to capture multiple barcodes or data on a form with a single button press.

With the PowerPrecision+ high capacity battery, expect up to an impressive 15-hour power duration, more than enough for the longest shift. Fast and easy battery swapping is made possible with the Warm Swap mode. Coupled with fast charging, the batteries reach full power in no time.

Providing complete cellular network flexibility, your workers can stay connected regardless of their location. The TC72 is certified on leading public safety networks, ensuring reliable connectivity even during crisis situations.

Increase your data transfer speeds and extend your Bluetooth range with Bluetooth 5.0. The devices yield improved application performance for Bluetooth peripherals like printers and headsets. The new 5 MP front-facing camera offers built-in support for VLC, enhancing video calling experience and enabling location tracking of shoppers and workers using existing LED lighting infrastructure. The 13 MP color rear camera captures highly detailed photos and videos, ideal for proof of condition, delivery, and other on-site technical support.

Zebra TC72 Mobile Computer

Designed to endure, these devices possess unrivaled rugged design. Engineered to withstand 8ft drops, extensive tumbles, and sealed with IP65 and IP68, the devices prove to be waterproof, dust-proof, and tumble-proof. Additionally, Corning Gorilla Glass touch panel and imager Window ensure maximum scratch resistance and shatter-proofing on the display and lens eye.

Powered by an ultra-efficient processor, the devices provide superior performance for all voice and data applications and also support future versions of Android and future apps like artificial intelligence.

The standard business accessories ensure ease of use and efficient management. Accessories such as a trigger handle, ShareCradles for charging devices and batteries simplify overall management. Support for many technologies such as VLC, Bluetooth 5.0 BLE and WiFi, ensures easy implementation of location tracking.

With Zebra’s optional VisibilityIQ Services, get data-driven, actionable insights to make the most of your devices, workforce, and daily tasks. A range of powerful new Mobility DNA apps can significantly boost workflow, productivity, efficiency, and device value.

Incorporating new technologies like WorryFree WiFi, PowerPrecision Console for better battery management, and LifeGuard Analytics for software updates, these devices are well-equipped to handle any business demands.

Safely manage access to Google Mobile Services (GMS) through StageNow's new Restricted Mode. StageNow is free and pre-installed on every TC72, providing an easy way to deactivate and reactivate GMS as needed.

Unleash the power of the TC72 Android Touch Computers to redefine efficiency and reliability in your business today.

Zebra TC72 Mobile Computer

  • Zebra TC72 Mobile Computer purchase