Carl E. Janson (Philadelphia, PA)
THANK YOU!!!!! Greatly appreciate your help and access to software. MICR Fonts back on my new computer.
Happy Holidays and Best Wishes for the New Year.

Michael Epling (San Francisco, CA)
Thank you. The software works perfectly, and is a key piece of a paperless data collection system we're implementing.

Al Boyce (Raleigh, NC)
Our company needed to install Barcode software on 252 Citrix servers. To expedite the installation, we needed a custom MSI package that could be pushed to multiple servers at one time.

After exchanging emails with Daniel at BarcodeSoft, he agreed to work through the weekend to compile what we needed.

As a result, we were able to deploy the software in a little over an hour, instead of manually installing to each server, which would have taken almost 20 hours at 5 minutes per server.

We were very impressed at the way this company went the extra mile for us.

Ian W Charters (UK)
Thanks for that - your service is as good as your software.

Brian Bowman (San Jose, CA)
After download all MICR fonts I can find over the Internet and print them large, I found your font is of the best quality.

Steve Amato (Hicksville, N.Y)
Thank you for your kind assistance helping me with shipping label print out.

Jacob Linder (Vancouver, WA)
Thank you very much for your super fast response!

I switched references to it and printed my label, I have made my deadline with our customer.
You guys rock super hard core. Its nice to see a real human response to my email it was a big deal for me. I can go home on time!
Thank you again.

Serraino Dalton (Houston, Texas)
I've tested barcode component from various suppliers, your product meets our requirements best.