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KSA E-Invoice QR Code

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Anyone who needs to generate KSA E Invoice QR Code need look no further. The answer is Barcodesoft KSA QR Code Generator.

Barcodesoft KSA QR Code Generator automatically support tag, length and value (TLV) format and base64 encoding.

QR Codes are compliant with KSA Zakat and Tax Authority of Saudi Arabia Kingdom.

Barcodesoft QR Code printing solution used Reed Solomon algorithm for error checking and correcting.

QRCode has 4 different error correction levels to choose from : L07, M15, Q25 and H30. Higher level means less data capacity and less decoding error chance.

Barcodesoft KSA QR Code Generator Demo is fully functional even with the "Demo" watermark.

You can download E-Invoice QRCode reader APP on your IPhone or Android phone to read KSA E-Invoice QRCode.

For a free online KSA E-Invoice QR Code generator, please click the following URL free online KSA E-Invoice QR Code generator

This is the pricing list of Barcodesoft KSA E-Invoice QRCode generator.

License Single User 5-User 10-User Site Corporate Developer 5-Developer 10-Developer Unlimited Developer
Price CAD299 CAD399 CAD599 CAD799 CAD999 CAD1199 CAD1399 CAD1999 CAD2999

Generate KSA E-Invoice QRCode in Crystal Reports

1. Open your crystal report. Right click Formula Fields, choose "New..." from the context menu. Type in "qrcode1" in the Name textbox, then click "Use Editor".

qrcode create formula in crystal reports

2. After QRCode encoding process, even a short string might return more code words than you expect.
However, Crystal Reports allows no more than 254 characters in a formula field.
Therefore we have to split QRCode code words into different parts, and concatenate them in a Text Object before apply font BcsQRCode.
As for how many formula fields are needed, you use the following function to find out:

qrcode crystal reports UFL

3. Create multiple formula fields as listed below if returned code words are more than 255. Then drag and drop them in sequence within the same Text Object.

qrcode create formula crystal reports

BCSQRCodeEncodeCR({Test.Data}, 1, 1, 1)
BCSQRCodeEncodeCR({Test.Data}, 2, 1, 1)
BCSQRCodeEncodeCR({Test.Data}, 3, 1, 1)

The first parameter in the formula field is string to encode.
The second parameter in the formula field is index.
The third parameter in the formula field is error correction level. Its value ranges between 1 and 4 that represents L07, M15, Q25 and H30 separately. When set to default value 0, it stands for M15 error correction level.
The fourth parameter in the formula field is KSA QRCode flag. Set it to 1 for KSA Base64 encoding.

For detailed explanations of each parameter, please refer to user's manual.

qrcode crystal reports UFL formula field

You will see some hex codes in your report. Don't worry! You have NOT applied QRCode font typeface yet.

4. Right click Text Object and choose "Format Object" from context menu. Then choose "BcsQRcode" as font typeface for the Text Object.

QRCode barcode font crystal reports

5. Click OK button. You will see QRCode in your report.

QRCode barcode crystal reports

  • ksa e-invoice qrcode generator download
  • ksa e-invoice qrcode generator download order