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Create Barcode in FileMaker

FileMaker, code39 barcode, Code128, UPCA, EAN13, PDF417, Data Matrix, QRCode, GS1128

Barcodesoft FileMaker Linear Barcode Plug-in and FileMaker 2D Barcode Plug-in can be easily integreated with different versions of Filemaker (Ver. 7 and up) to generate barcodes.

Barcodesoft FileMaker Barcode Plug-in supports all major linear and 2D barcode symbologies:

Code 39, Code 128, UPC-A, EAN13, UCC/EAN-128, Interleaved 2of5, POSTNet, PDF417, Data Matrix, QRCode, and Aztec barcode.

1. After you download Barcodesoft FileMaker Barcode Plug-in, please copy it into your FileMaker Extensions folder. Then restart FileMaker.

2. Choose menu Edit - Preferences - code words and make sure "Barcodesoft Plug-in for FileMaker" is enabled as indicated below.

filemaker barcode plugin

3. Choose menu File - Manage - Database. Now you can define a Calculation Field as barcode. Attention: The field Type has to be defined as Calculation in FileMaker.

filemaker barcode plugin

4. FileMaker will popup a Dialog to allow you Specify Calculation.
Please choose External Functions from View. Type in the Field Name as strToEncode. Choose Calculation Result as Text.

filemaker barcode function

5. Now choose menu View - Layout Mode. Define two fields as instructed below.

filemaker barcode layout

6. Right click barcode field. Choose Text Format from context menu.
Choose appropriate font typeface as instructed below. Please press CTRL + ALT when click OK button.

filemaker barcode font

Choose menu View - Preview Mode and you will see barcode in FileMaker.

If you need to generate 2D barcodes in FileMaker, such as PDF417, Data Matrix, QRCode and Aztec Code, please follow these steps from 1 to 6.

Don't forget to make the barcode field large enough to show the whole barcode as shown below.

filemaker barcode

In Preview Mode, you will get a 2D barcode as shown below.

filemaker 2D barcode

This is a table for all available barcode functions and true type fonts for FileMaker.

FileMaker Function Symbology Recommended Font Typeface in FileMaker
FileMaker Function Symbology Recommended Font Typeface in FileMaker
BCS_Code39(DataToEncode) Code39 accepts one string parameter Code39mHr
BCS_Code39Mod43(DataToEncode) Code39 Mod 43 Code39mHr
BCS_Code39EXT(DataToEncode) Code39 Extended ExtCode39mHr
BCS_Code11(DataToEncode) Code11 Code11mHr
BCS_Code25(DataToEncode) Code25 Code25mHr
BCS_I25(DataToEncode) Interleaved 2of5 I25mHr
BCS_I25Mod10(DataToEncode) Interleaved 2of5 with check digit I25mHr
BCS_MSI(DataToEncode) MSI / Plessey MSImHr
BCS_Code93(DataToEncode) Code93 Code93mHr
BCS_Codabar(DataToEncode) Codabar CodabarmHr
BCS_Telepen(DataToEncode) Telepen TelepenMHr
BCS_UPCA(DataToEncode) UPC-A UpcEanM
BCS_UPCE(DataToEncode) UPC-E UpcEanM
BCS_EAN13(DataToEncode) EAN-13 UpcEanM
BCS_EAN8(DataToEncode) EAN-8 UpcEanM
BCS_Bookland(DataToEncode) ISBN or Bookland UpcEanM
BCS_Code128A(DataToEncode) Code128A Code128aMHr
BCS_Code128B(DataToEncode) Code128B Code128bMHr
BCS_Code128C(DataToEncode) Code128C Code128cMHr
BCS_UCCEAN128(DataToEncode) GS1-128 (UCC/EAN-128) Code128M
BCS_PDF417(DataToEncode) PDF417 is a stacked 2D barcode. BcsPDF417
BCS_DataMatrix(DataToEncode) Data Matrix is one of the most widely used 2D barcode symbologies. BcsDataMatrix
BCS_QRCode(DataToEncode) QR Code is widely used in all industries. BcsQrcode
BCS_Aztec(DataToEncode) Aztec code is a major 2D bar code. BcsAztec

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