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Datalogic Matrix 300N Barcode Scanner

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Datalogic Matrix 300N Scanner

Cutting-edge Technology and Lightning-Fast Barcode Scanner

The Matrix 300N stands out as an ultra-compact barcode reader designed specifically to excel in high-speed and Direct Part Marking (DPM) applications.

Its performance is further enhanced by the cutting-edge DL.CODE software, ensuring unparalleled ease of use for customers.

Boasting a high-resolution sensor and lightning-fast image acquisition capabilities at 1.3 megapixels and 60 frames per second, the Matrix 300N delivers outstanding results.

Moreover, it offers a diverse array of optical models, including options for manual focus position control or electronic control.

Meet the Datalogic Matrix 300N, a marvel of compact imaging technology tailor-made for lightning-fast performance in high-speed and Direct Part Marking (DPM) applications.
Featuring an advanced high-resolution sensor and lightning-fast image capture at 1.3 megapixels per second, the Matrix 300N stands as the compact imaging powerhouse of the Matrix family. Its optical system incorporates a revolutionary liquid lens module for precise electronic focus control, ensuring seamless focus adjustments without the need for any moving parts.
Innovatively designed, the integrated illuminator spans the entire front surface of the reader, delivering brilliant and uniform illumination for barcode scanning. Employing both bright field and dark field patterns, this cutting-edge design guarantees optimal lighting on various surfaces, from standard to reflective or textured. Moreover, specialized polarized models cater to 90° mounting or exceptionally reflective surfaces.
Despite its diminutive size, the Matrix 300N boasts exceptional flexibility with its compact dimensions and rotating connector, making integration into even the tightest spaces a breeze. Plus, its M12, 4-pole connections set a new benchmark for effortless integration into existing systems in the OEM industry.
In addition to its sleek design, the Matrix 300N offers a range of cost-effective communication options, including Power over Ethernet (POE) connectivity, eliminating the need for external communication equipment. This makes it the ultimate solution for barcode imaging, with onboard PROFINET-IO and ETHERNET/IP interfaces for direct integration with PLCs, reducing both complexity and costs.

Main Features:

  • Groundbreaking compact design
  • Exceptional DPM (Direct Part Marking) performance
  • Dynamic Focus Control with Liquid Lens technology
  • Dual illuminator integration: dark field/bright field
  • Rapid and high-resolution image sensor
  • Power over Ethernet Option and onboard PROFINET-IO
  • Extreme durability: IP67 industrial grade for harsh environments, operating temperature range of 0-50°C
  • Specialized polarized model available for reading over reflective surfaces
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Datalogic Matrix 300N barcode scanner

Datalogic Matrix 300N Scanner
Connectivity Corded
Scanner Type DPM
Form On Counter
Interface Serial RS232
Ethernet 10/100

  • Datalogic Matrix 300N barcode scanner purchase

Datalogic Matrix 300N Barcode Scanner